Тест по английскому языку ON-LINE

  1. Moscow is beautiful city and the people friendly.
  2. This is Mary. She’s waitress.
  3. How are you?
  4. Jessica is sister.
  5. This is my boyfriend. name’s Jake and from the USA.
  6. a bus station near here?
  7. Isabel shopping every morning.
  8. your brother Like computer games?
  9. My sister can English well.
  10. you listen to?
  11. A coke, please! – Ok! else?
  12. How is this card?
  13. Ben classical music but Jenny it.
  14. I a dress yesterday.
  15. My friends and I to the cinema tonight.
  16. Is there any water? I’m .
  17. What’ s your music?
  18. Bye! See you Sunday!
  19. We haven’t got coffee, but we have tea.
  20. Thank you! -
  21. got a car?
  22. English is than Russian.
  23. Shall we go out? It any more!
  24. Brian doesn’t do any sport! He’s very .
  25. to go for a drink?
  26. Have you to the UK?
  27. I so tired yesterday!
  28. I didn’t well last night! I a nightmare!
  29. I started school 10 years .
  30. Bye! See you !
  31. Good luck! a good weekend!
  32. Don’t worry! I you!
  33. How much time a week do you on basketball?
  34. She’s the girl in our group!
  35. You can the train right here.
  36. I felt because I my coffee on her dress!
  37. Have you heard? Helen her exam last week!
  38. If it rains, we at home.
  39. What would you do if you rich?
  40. Don’t your time infront of the TV!
  41. They are from Spain, they?
  42. Most people to get up early to get to work on time.
  43. I was after a night shift week.
  44. This city is wonderful! It’s worth !
  45. I home when I saw Susie.
  46. Could you me a favour, please?
  47. I know some people, can speak more than 5 languages.
  48. the lack of money, she to buy this dress.
  49. That’s not funny! Stop !
  50. Look this word and read it !
  51. It’s getting cold. I close the window?
  52. Mike me that the other day.
  53. Mr. Jones his help, so I was grateful.
  54. I’m sorry, I didn’t what you mean.
  55. I wish I a new car!
  56. I’m a manager now but I a waitress.
  57. I was the London Bridge!
  58. If I had known you were in hospital, I to see you.
  59. As it later, Mr.Robin was a manager there.
  60. I ‘ve been to Italy.
  61. Forget about it! It !
  62. This girl is pretty!
  63. Do you fancy out with me?
  64. I usually have every week at the hairdresser’s.
  65. Don’t phone between 7 and 8 tomorrow. We dinner then.
  66. Where’s Nik? - He his coffee.
  67. You get very good food in that restaurant. , it’s open every day of the week.
  68. The party was great! I wish I .
  69. You plenty of time to decide.
  70. In other words she’s very practical and .